Policy Of Cookies

You are using our site, www.smoothiesrecipes.net. That means that you accept all the rules in our cookie policy. If you do not accept the rules under the cookie policy, please do not use our site.

What is “cookies”?

Cookies are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Your experiences about the site are recorded in this file. The purpose of the cookie files is to improve your web experience and to analyze the traffic that come to our site, www.smoothiesrecipes.net.

Why we use cookies? What we do with it?

Cookies are perfect files to analyse the traffic that reach our web site. Thus, we improve the user experience and make our site safer. Thanks to the third-party cookies we can count, analyze and follow the traffic via Google Analytics. Thus, we can determine the expectations of the site visitors from the site. Cookies collect general information, not private.

Types of Cookies That We Use

1. Security

We use cookies to improve the security features of our site and to make it lawful. Thus, we can detect malicious software on the internet.

2. Traffic, performance, advertising and analysis

The cookie files we use guide us in measuring the performance of our site on the internet. We add cookies to the data files of users accessing www.smoothiesrecipes.net from all devices. Thus, we measure the visitors’ requests and visitor types. We use third-party cookies to better understand incoming traffic, better marketing and improve the user experience.

Control cookies

If you wish, you can delete cookies on your browser and block cookies. However, if you do this, your experience on the website will deteriorate and you will not be able to use some features.

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