Privacy Policy

1. General

When you use our services, you rely on us for your information. We know that this is a big responsibility, and we take great care to protect your information and keep you in control of your information. However, all responsibility remains yours. We do not take any responsibility for anything from the moment you enter the site.

This privacy policy explains the privacy of visitors to the “” site.

It is stated how you can ensure that the information we store on your behalf is deleted by applying to our site when you want. All your information on our website is processed and stored in accordance with current legal regulations.

2. Privacy of your personal information

All information on our site is managed by the user. The user can change or delete this information if he wishes. It will be enough to send an e-mail to our site.

When a user visits our site, some necessary information can be stored on our site and servers. This information is personal information such as IP, your computer type or personal information about you.

3. Security site safely stores visitor information. All kinds of precautions have been taken regarding your security on our site. However, in case of any illegal attack on our site, our site is not responsible for this attack and the damages it will cause. Our site may share your information with all partners and Google as per the contract. Your information can be used within legal limits.

4. Cookies (Please Click)

5. Your requests and questions

When you are done with our site, management will delete your information from our site. You can delete your information on our site at any time. You can send us your requests by e-mail. You can send us any requests regarding the protection of your personal data by contacting Please feel free to contact us and communicate.

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