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This “Disclaimer” is a part of the Terms and Conditions section of our site and must be read. This Disclaimer can be changed at any time by the management of our site.

The information on our website www.smoothiesrecipes.net is used for general purposes only.

We share smoothie recipes for you at www.smoothiesrecipes.net. This website has been meticulously designed. On our site, we share extremely delicious smoothie recipes and similar food recipes that you can drink daily.

According to this disclaimer, you understand and accept that we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by third parties. Our website will not be held responsible for such content. While evaluating our site, you should consider third party contents accordingly.

Additionally, we are not responsible for the loss of users who use www.smoothiesrecipes.net. This information may include financial details and personal details.

We are not responsible for the following:

* Your trust in the content or customer reviews on our website. You should know that the content on our website is not published to gain your trust.

* Losses you will experience as a result of missing or wrong information you put on our website.

* If you do not have the opportunity to use our website, the potential losses that you will experience.

* Missing parts and faulty parts on our website.

*Damages you will suffer as a result of visitor comments, announcements and review articles on our website.

*Losses in case of an attack or malfunction that is not under the control of our site’s administrators


We are not responsible for any damages you may incur due to our website. Our website does not contain viruses. We provide you with all kinds of security. However, we may not be able to fully protect you. After entering our site, any responsibility belongs to you completely. Our site is not responsible.

A) No warranty

We do not provide any guarantee for our transactions on our website.

The warranties we mentioned are:

a) The products sold may be about purposes and violations.

b) It may be about the results resulting from trade, financial transaction or personal use. You acknowledge all risks and losses during these transactions. You are solely responsible for your data, information and damages lost during these processes. Our site has no responsibility in this regard. It is your sole responsibility to make a copy of your personal data to ensure your security.

B) No warranty for trueness

We are not responsible for the current or erroneous information provided to you in the content and transactions on our site. We do not provide any guarantee in this regard. We reject all claims for liability.

We do not provide any warranty against third parties. We do not provide any guarantee about the services offered by third parties. We do not provide warranty for advice on these services. We do not accept any responsibility whatsoever.

We make every effort to run our website actively and smoothly. However, we are not responsible for technical failures that develop beyond our control. We do not take any responsibility for the temporary or complete use of our site. The security of your information is entirely yours. If you want to reach more detailed information and ask questions about this disclaimer, please contact us at info@smoothiesrecipes.net.

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